Shri Virchand Panachand Shah, Born on 11/05/1888 at the village Samadhiyala (present Virnagar) was a rare personality as he devoted his life for the development of rural population. He started his own company at Bombay when he was 32 and earned a good name in business world over. Then he participated in political world and due to heavy influence of Mahatma Gandhi and in Satyagrah agitation (1930) he held a key post in Bombay Congress. He retired himself from political life as well as from well established business and shifted to his native Samadhiyala to serve rural people as advised by Gandhiji and Dhebarbhai. (then Chief Minister of Saurashtra and President of Khadi gramodyog, new delhi)

He founded Gram Sudharna Samiti first in 1933 and then Saurashtra Central Hospital in 1937, for this venture he collected rupees 16 lacs which was donated partly from him and in part from other donors.

Government took notice of his work and on public demand, name of the village Samadhiyala was changed to Virnagar on his honour and the Chief Minister Shri Dhebarbhai presided the function of this nomination on 12/10/1954 (Vijyadashmi). (Dr.Adhvayoo Eye surgeon Bombay Hospital Resident Medical Officer) joined him in 1956 which resulted in rapid development. Unfortunately, Shri Virchand Shah left heavenly abode on 11/10/1959 (Vijyadashmi) at the age of 72 but he will be remembered for long time for his benevolence and the excellent work in the field of health and education and many other humanitarian tasks. Shivanand Mission is proud of Shri Virchand Panchand Shah as founder of the hospital at the Virnagar