➢ Objective

Late Shri VIRCHAND PANACHAND SHAH, resident, leading Headman and a noble hearted donor of VIRNAGAR has served his motherland by his great support and humane services in the fields of Health, Education and Village uplifting projects. His son Late Shri Pramodbhai and Rev.Dr. Shivananda Adhvaryu made straneous efforts for its progress.

In the beginning a Night School was started in 1936 to provide means particularly to reach illiterate persons and students by Late Shri Virchandbhai Shah. It followed in starting of Hostel on small scale. Gradually it progressed in the form of the institution 'VIRNAGAR KELAVANI MANDAL' which is active in the field of education today.

Today, Virnagar Kelavani Mandal Complex consists of a full fledged High School for Std. VIII to XII, Shivananda Primary School for Std. V to VII (Since June 2001) a Balmandir and 2 Hostels for Boys and Girls.

Aims and objects of the Institution are as under :-

      (A) To do all activities relating to progress of Education.

      (B) Education - Especially to concentrate increasing efforts for progress of Infant Education.

      (C) To do all possible efforts forr uplifting of Pre-Primary, Secondary and Higher-Secondary education for making it forceful and easily accessible for each.

      (D) To establish, maintain and help running / establishing of educational institutions such as Bal-Mandir, Vyayamshalas etc.

The Management of Middle School started in July-1959 was taken over by Virnagar Kelavani Mandal in 1962, starting an additional Class of Std. XI and the High School was named "V. P. High School - Virnagar" in the memory of Late Shri Virchandbhai Shah. The High School was functioning on one ground floor building only in which 7 more Class Rooms were constructed on 1st floor in 1992 and now no shortage of Class Rooms is experienced. Computer Education is also started from Std.VIIIth onwards from the academic year 2001/2002. 523 students are taking education in General Stream / Commercial trade. In addition to regular Class Room teachings, the students also get facilities for their personality development in the fields of Arts, Crafts, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Library, Laboratory and excursion / educational Tours, different competitions, curricular activities and special Hindi / Sanskrit Examinations. With a view to ecourage constant live contact between teachers and students and to derive maximum advantage of Teachers in character building and personality development of the students, all the teachers are provided with Residential Quarters in the Complex at minimum rate possible right from the beginning.

A Boys' Hostel was started on a small scale in June 1957. Virnagar Kelavani Mandal took over its resposibility from 1961 and a full fledged open Hostel for Poor, needy students started growing gradually. As there was no other facility of High School available in nearby vicinity, about 200 students were taking advantage of this Hostel.

Looking to the increase in trend of girls education and increasing number of girl students from surrounding areas, a separate wing of Girls was also started from 1996. The old Hostel building was in dislapidated condition and it was essential to construct a new building with all facilities. As a result of Dr.Adhvaryujee's efforts and his noble aim of selfless service, many donors from India and abroad donated humbly and his dream for separate new buildings of Hostels both for Boys and Girls came true in 1996. At present, 90 Boys and 70 Girls students are staying in these Hostel wings.

Similarly, the charge of 'Shivananada Balmandir' started in the year of 1958 was taken over by Virnagar Kelavani Mandal in 1961. Formerly it was working in Panchayat owned building outside the complex. In the year 1998. A new building was constructed in the Educational Complex of the institution with modern Montesory equipments and facilities. At present about 125 infants are taking advantage of this unique Balmandir and K.G. Rotary International has presented modern Audio Visual and Montessary equipments, charts etc. inspired by the activities of educational activities of the institution. Lions Club of Rajkot (Mid Town) has constructed new one storied building of 'Shivananda Primary School' as a noble donation which will be opened from June 2002.

The donation to the Trust is exempted under Sec 80(G)(5) of I.T.Act.

➢ Chart

➢High School

➢ Primary School

➢ Bal mandir

➢ Boys Hostel

➢ Girls Hostel

➢ Service Scheme

SR No. Amount Description
1 5,000/- Bhojan Tithi Simple Meal One Time on any one fixed day from interest.
2 15,000/- Bhojan Tithi Sweet Meal One Time on any one fixed day from interest.
3 5,000/- Adoption of one Boarder for one year from interest.
4 1,00,000/- Adoption of one Boarder for one year from interest Permanently.
5 25,000/- Breakfast for kinder garden.
6 ---------- Development fund of any amound.

➢ Board of Trustee

SR No. Name Location
1 Shri Dhirubhai Mehta - President Mumbai
2 Shri Satyjit Kumar S. Khachar Jasdan
3 Shri Dhirubhai P. Desai Mumbai
4 Shri Ashokbhai Mehta Jasdan
5 Shri Sureshbhai Sanghvi Rajkot
6 Shri Sandeepbhai J. Shah Mumbai
7 Shri Rameshbhai N. Shah Mumbai
8 Shri Parimalbhai P. Shah Mumbai
9 Shri Ansooyaben D. Dholakia Secretary Virnagar
10 Shri Rajeshbhai H. Bhatt Wadhwan City
11 Shri Hemantbhai J Sanghvi Mumbai
12 Dr. C. L. Verma Virnagar
13 Shri Gargiben Thacker Virnagar
14 Shri Rohitbhai P. Shah Mumbai
15 Shri Janakbhai P. Mehta Rajkot
16 Shri Nilkanthbhai C. Antani Virnagar
17 Shri Rudabhai B. Patel Jasdan